Tips To Prepare You For Any Photoshoot (From My Clients)


Prep Properly

Have you ever scrolled down your newsfeed and seen stunning professional photos of your friends or family? Or maybe you walked into a friends house and saw exquisite wall art from their wedding and thought wow I really would like a fancy photoshoot.  Well, successful photos don’t happen on accident they come with preparation and planning.  If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog post be sure to do so.  I took the time to ask my clients what tips would they give to others so that they can have a successful photoshoot and here is what they suggested:  

  1. Prepare your outfits in advance and place them on hangers

  2. After you pick out accessories place them in ziploc bags or another small carrying case

  3. Speak to your photographer about thoughts on colors

  4. Have a garment bag for your outfits

  5. Place shoes in a rolling case

  6. Hire reliable professional hairstylist and makeup artist

  7. Have a friend help you on shooting day

  8. Hire a stylist or ask for feedback on your outfits from your photographer, family, and or close friends

  9. Use appropriate undergarments

  10. Have hair products with you such as brush, hair spray, bobby pins, comb, etc.

  11. Be early

  12. Have a goal for your photoshoot

  13. Don’t change your skin care products before your photoshoot

  14. Get your nails done

  15. Relax

  16. Don’t overthink everything. Lets things flow and be yourself.

  17. Give yourself plenty of preparation time before your shoot

  18. Have things already packed and ready to go the night before

  19. Bring slide in shoes just in case you have to walk and your feet are hurting

  20. Bring lotion

  21. Bring a bottle of water and easy to eat snacks if it’s a long shoot

  22. Bring a towel just in case you sweat

Photoshoots can be really fun but also a headache if things are not planned.  Of course some things don’t always go as planned and life happens; however, the best thing you can do for your photoshoot is to try your very best to have everything in place.